After reading the Summer 2018 Juniper Berry I must share three things with the staff

1. Congratulations to the new president, Tony Nunziato, and his stupendous staff of writers! I consider what they write to be very good literature. Their essays are outstanding and very passionate.

2. I love the new look of the magazine. I have read it from one end to the other.

3. John Ricco’s recipes are delicious – keep them coming. On Father’s Day I had my family over for a barbeque and made the Fort McHenry burgers. Everyone wanted the recipe. Also the roasted corn was to die for! John also helped me rediscover the Continental Bakery on Grand Avenue. The Continental is a gem and everything there is delicious!

I would like to conclude my letter by reminding all my family, friends and neighbors to keep Old Glory flying. God Bless my neighbors and the Juniper Berry staff,

Frances Callegari Passantino
Middle Village