African Wars – A defense Intelligence Perspective
by William G. Thom

William Thom, whose family hailed from Middle Village and whose roots are firmly planted in the military (his ancestors are Prussian), grew up in the neighborhood and took an early interest in military history.

When he attended State University College at new Paltz in upstate, New York, he was introduced to African Studies and his interest took hold and wouldn’t let go.

War in Africa. During the past 40 or so years, Africa has been plagued by wars, battles and devastating horrors put upon its inhabitants and fought over political ideals, resources and perceived wrongs. Mr. Thom goes into detail about these wars, with an insight that only someone with military knowledge and knowledge of Africa’s troubles could have.

He discusses the Rhodesian Conflict which began in 1965, Civil War in Angola in 1975 and the evolution of South Africa’s defense strategies, as well as many other conflicts and wars which dragged the colonists and residents of these nations into dark places.

I do not presume to understand these conflicts; only someone with military knowledge and personal experience could possibly comprehend what has plagued the African people and nations over the last 40 years. Mr. Thom’s voice in this book is strong, true and intelligent.

My impression is that Mr. Thom has been an invaluable addition to the defense intelligence community.

This book is an intellectual study of how and why war is waged and its effects on the nations and people it befalls.

I would recommend African Wars to any student of military intelligence and Africa’s conflicts in particular.

An Age of Miracles
by Karen Thompson Walker

The Earth’s rotation is slowing down. What would you do? What would happen? How would people be affected?

To Julia, it seemed impossible that this could happen, but she recognized a potential disaster coming. The days were getting longer and gravity was no longer normal. People began separating into clock time and real time, the real timers sleeping only when it was dark, which took longer and longer to come with each passing day.

Amidst all this turmoil, Julie discovers that her father is having an affair, and her mother is now coming down with the gravity sickness, spending days on the couch, doing nothing and seemingly not noticing that her father is around less and less. She is also trying in quiet desperation to catch Seth’s attention, a boy she likes, but is shy and fearful around him.

In a world gone awry, what are the priorities? Family? Love? Friends? Personal Growth? Julia struggles with the choices and the options as well as the slow but sure fallout of a planet off balance. This book is thought-provoking and well written and I highly recommend it.