In order to promote quality of life Citywide, Council Member Kamillah Hanks (D-Staten Island) and Robert Holden (D-Queens) introduce legislation to remove the scourge of RV’s and trailers permanently parked on residential streets.

As part and parcel of our housing crisis, RV’s and trailers have become common eyesores on residential streets in every part of New York City.  Often these trailers and mobile homes are ironically, non-mobile. Used as permanent residences, the people living in them cause stress on the residential street while paying no property taxes, utilities or care for their “neighbors.”

Council Member Kamillah Hanks said, “The issue is one of quality of life, open residential streets and the preponderance of trailers blocking up spaces and creating a true eyesore from one corner of this city to another.  I am thrilled to work alongside Council Member Robert Holden, once again, to ensure a better, fairer street scape and more equitable use of our roadways.”  

“The spread of RVs in our neighborhoods has become a real problem, creating an eyesore and unfairly burdening homeowners who pay their taxes,” said Council Member Robert Holden. “I am proud to join forces with my colleague Kamillah Hanks to introduce this bill, which will give our police additional tools to tackle this issue and improve the quality of life for the local community.”

This bill, Intro 41, would make it a violation to park a mobile home or trailer in excess of three hours on a residential street. It would also make it a violation to park a mobile home or trailer on a residential street from 9pm through 5am. The bill would give the Department of Transportation, the Police Department, or any other authorized agency the power to subject to impoundment any mobile home or trailer parked in violation of this bill.