Nothing would be finer than to bring back the diner

The Maspeth Diner on 69th Street near Eliot Ave was demolished in 2004 (RIP) and plans were submitted that same year for a 10-unit apartment building. The site has been stalled for more than a decade and there have been no permit renewals issued for it since 2007. In the meantime, the fence is a target for graffiti vandals, weeds grow willy-nilly and the site still has 2 stop-work orders in effect from 2012.

Ask us how to lose the sign

It is illegal to post advertisements on residentially zoned property. This flexible canvas banner asking people to contact Yesenia if they want to lose weight is rather bold, unsightly and unwelcome. Maybe the DOB will give her a call and tell her to take it down instead.

Flat tire ire

A vehicle without plates and registration parked on residential property is known as “dead storage”. This car has been parked in this very spot for more than 10 years. A violation for it was issued in 2008 but that hasn’t encouraged the owner to get rid of it. A complaint from 2015 still sits in the DOB system unanswered. We can just imagine what has taken up residence underneath it. A school bus parked in the community drive serves as an added bonus.