Ballgames, barbecues and car shows are reminiscent of days gone by and the Maspeth of the 1960’s and 70’s. Sunday June 7, 2015 was trip down memory lane as it was the date of the Toys for Tots Car Show as hosted by Maspeth Federal Savings and Loan at 69th Street. The show was sponsored by East Coast Car Association and the Ridgewood Masonic Lodge. Masons from Ridgewood, Cornucopia, Reliance Lodges and the 2nd Kings District were in attendance, judged the field and presented awards. Period correct music was provided by Joe & Jeanette Fuoco and the sounds were by the motors. Turnout was good, the weather cooperated and the major car brands of the period were represented with a host of nice cars, trucks and motorcycles as displayed.
Entries included classics from the 1930’s as seen in the first & fourth rows, ran through the 1960’s and up to a late model Corvette in the third Row. Great paintwork, great people, terrific restorations and a most notable modification involving a front engine Red Corvair as seen in Row 3. Chevrolet made these cars from 1960 thru 1969 and all were rear engine. Just proves that talent and skill are still present in New York as this conversion looks factory. One owner brought in his Rambler American (2nd Row in front of the bank) and another owner his nice MG Roadster also in the 2nd Row.
The Purple Bucket “T” in the 4th Row was right out of American Graffiti. This brings back fond memories of when these machines roamed the streets of Maspeth. This was a time when we worked on our cars, enjoyed them and were proud of what the represented. They weren’t just transportation; these icons were America at its best. Distinctive and powerful, they represented who and what we were.
The cars, trucks, bike and trike (three wheeled motorcycle) were the stars of the show. Just check out the Black Corvette in the 3rd Row with the American Flag in the driver’s vent window. Small and Big Block Chevys, an Olds, a Mopar and Fords were fantastic and sounded better than in the day. For those who don’t know what this means come to the next show. There will be plenty of car owners to answer this question and start their engines so you can hear them purr or roar. Oh, how sweet are these sounds! Owners were friendly and more than willing to talk about their cars, their history and the efforts made to bring them to the pristine conditions as displayed. It was a great day out in Maspeth, a fun time and a great effort for charity. Hopefully, we will have another show soon and will have an even better turnout.