Dialysis Disgrace

During these crazy times, it is doubtful that the essential staff of the dialysis center on Fresh Pond Road or their patients want to look at this vandalism on the walls of their clinic. Members of the community shouldn’t be burdened by the eyesore, either. While it is generally incumbent upon businesses to keep their properties in good shape, there’s no doubt the staff here has more important things to clean at this time. Please report graffiti to (718) 366-3900 and a crew will be dispatched to take care of it.

Bus Blight

This junked bus with out-of-state plates has been sitting on 57th Ave for some time now and the local graffitists have been busy with it. If this thing is abandoned, it should be towed. If someone is living in it, perhaps a helping hand should be offered by our local Breaking Ground workers, who are responsible for homeless outreach. No one should live out of a vehicle. Call 311 for homeless assistance.

Books Boxed

A plea was made in mid-May on our Facebook page about a situation that developed where a number of books were observed piled up by the book deposit for the Middle Village Library, which had been closed since the start of the PAUSE period. The speculation was that people were attempting to return their library books and were leaving them outside the locked drawer. However, when JPCA President Tony Nunziato and Juniper Berry Editor Christina Wilkinson responded, they found that none of the books were library books, and someone had just dumped the pile there rather than dispose of it properly. You can’t fix stupid or slobbery. The books were boxed up by the volunteers, and the condo was then responsible for their disposal.

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