If you see properties in disarray, call 311. And please send them to us for possible inclusion in our gallery. E-Mail to: info@junipercivic.com or write to: JPCA, P.O. Box 790275, Middle Village, NY 11379.

Thankfully, the vast majority of property owners and residents in Middle Village & Maspeth take pride in the appearance and well-being of our neighborhood. But a few have a total disregard for our area. So we induct them into this month’s Hall of Shame.

Graffiti magnet
Not only is this bridge? plaza? open space? an eyesore on its own, but the graffitists just love to tag it. It’s long past time to find a solution to this problem. If DOT/MTA bureaucracy prevents us from beautifying this area, we can at least invest in graffiti-resistant coating to send the taggers packing.

Grubhub and DoorDash and Seamless – Oh, my!
How many scooters and mopeds do these establishments along Grand Avenue really need, and why are they all parked on the sidewalk? Pedestrian areas should be motor vehicle free, and that includes ones with two wheels. Let’s get the 104th Precinct over there to take care of business.

Stalled site’s a shame
This empty lot on Mount Olivet Crescent has seemingly been abandoned for quite some time. The dilapidated construction fence finally fell during a recent snowstorm. It’s time to get the DOB on the case and fine the owner for this hazard. DSNY may want to keep an eye on it as well, since the sidewalk remained unshoveled and the snow turned to ice.