Piecasso Fast Fired Pizza is a new concept for enjoying America’s favorite fast food and nothing like the old fashioned pizza parlor with its red and white checkered table cloth that your grandmother remembers. This 21st century “pizza plus” version is the product of the collective minds of Vito Pipitone and Phillie Gallina, rather a spark of genius.

The name Piecasso was derived from the famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso who was born in Malaga Spain in 1881. He was considered the father of Modern Spanish Art. It is my presumption that the connection is the beautiful pies that you can design by yourself.

From the exterior facade to the back wall you quickly realize that you are in a unique 21st century establishment that offers a pizza created by you “on the spot” to be fast fired and ready to enjoy in minutes. There are no pizza slices lying on the counter for who knows how long, to be reheated and served. This fact guarantees the incredible scrumptious taste of your personally designed pizza and reduces waste in an era where we are trying our best to do just that. Frankly, my favorite is the Signature Margherita; however, taste is purely subjective. So, enjoy the personal pizza that excites your taste buds the most.

I have succinctly expressed the qualities of the Piecasso Pizza. But, in addition to quality pizza, Piecasso has salads and fine desserts; also smooth tasting espresso and cappuccino are offered at Piecasso – “The Pizza Plus Store.”

I call your attention to the fact that there is parking in the rear of the building accessible by way of the ramp to the old Hansel and Gretel factory. In keeping up with the times, Piecasso has a website: www.piecassony.com wherein you can select and customize your own pie, which will be delivered FREE. You can also call in your order at 718-416-4449. Hours: Monday – Thurs 11-10 Friday & Saturday 11-11 Sunday 11-10 Address: 79-08 Cooper Avenue, Glendale NY 11385