I had the pleasure recently to meet the new owners of Walter’s Deli on Grand Avenue in Maspeth, two very personable Maspeth guys by the name of Frank DiGiovanna and Adam Caccavale. Frank and Adam also both work in Con Edison in addition to owning Walter’s Deli. Coincidentally on the day we spoke Walter’s Deli had an anniversary having been established fifty years ago on May 15, 1963.

Walter’s wife, Marie, is currently the cook at the new Walter’s and she has brought in all her delicious foods, including salads and other food choices as well as many new Italian and German recipes. She shares the kitchen with cook Miguel Cruz (see photo top right).

All the workers in Walter’s are excited about the new opening and you could see how popular the deli still is with a line-up of loyal customers who want the best that Walter’s Deli has always offered. That includes fresh, delicious Boar’s Head cold cuts, and various salads that look so tasty you almost want to grab a bite through the showcase! Frank and Adam both stated that they plan on doing a lot of catering of social events and will have delivery of purchases of $10 or more. Their manager while Frank and Adam are working at Con Edison is a friendly young woman by the name of Laura Concert.
Frank interestingly enough as a kid of 15 worked for Tony Nunziato in Enchanted Florist also located on Grand Avenue in Maspeth. It shows how local Mom & Pop stores embrace the generations, producing kids who also re-settle in their childhood hometown. 

On the personal side, Frank DiGiovanna is married to Sheree Lyn who is a teacher in PS 153. They live in Maspeth and have two children, a boy and a girl. Adam is single, also lives in Maspeth and he has a steady girlfriend.

Frank and Adam are rooted in our neighborhood and are totally familiar with the Juniper Berry and they, on the spot, took out an ad in our publication.

We wish these two great, friendly guys, Frank DiGiovanna and Adam Caccavale the best of luck as they launch themselves in their new business. As we always suggest, take the time to visit Walter’s on Grand Avenue in Maspeth and treat yourself to one of their delicious food choices. Tell the guys you read about them in the Juniper Berry. When you meet Frank and Adam and all their workers you’ll see how you’ll get that friendly hometown feeling which you’ll never see in any of the many fast food establishments that have inundated all our neighborhoods.   

Walter’s Deli
70-11 Grand Avenue
Maspeth, NY 11378
Tel: 1 718 424 2977