O’Neill’s Restaurant has requested a zoning change for their property as well as surrounding ones in order to add a 140-person capacity 2nd floor catering hall. The rezoning would permit a developer to build 21 units of housing on site should the restaurant cease operation, rather than the currently allowed 8 units. O’Neill’s has produced letters from various neighborhood entities agreeing to allow them to use their parking lots at night, but the logistics of this plan have not been explained. In addition, O’Neill’s has stated that they plan to add a restriction to their deed that would apply to them and any future owners which would cap the building height at 2 stories. However, the City of New York does not have the authority to enforce clauses such as this and it would be up to the community to file a lawsuit in order to attempt to enforce it. The final say on the proposal comes from the City Council, which almost always sides with the home rule council member. If you have a strong opinion on this proposal, please contact Council Member Robert Holden. Mail: 64-69 Dry Harbor Road, Middle Village, NY 11379. Email: rholden@council.nyc.gov. Phone: (718) 366-3900.