The current Animal Care & Control of NYC Queens Intake Center is located at 92-29 Queens Blvd in Rego Park. It is only 750 square feet. A new, bigger and better center will be opening at 66-78 69th Street in Middle Village, at the corner of Metropolitan Avenue in a long-empty 1,400 square foot storefront. 

Some residents are against the new location, especially the ones that live in close proximity to the facility. They have expressed concerns about noise, traffic and parking.

None of these are expected to be an issue. This center will serve multiple purposes but housing animals is not one of them. ACC tries to keep as many pets as they can with their families. If a pet owner falls on hard times and is unable to financially care for it, this center will help with affordable veterinary care and provide food if needed. They also plan to provide free vaccine clinics and dog training classes.

The facility’s main purpose is to help lost animals found on the street and those surrendered by their owners. It will in no way serve as a shelter. According to ACC, every animal that is brought in and left will be taken to their shelter facility in Brooklyn at 8 P.M daily.

Their current location is not large enough to offer these services to the people of Queens. The new, larger facility will make it possible. The City still needs to open a full service animal shelter to serve Queens, but this is a good first step. This will be a huge win for the animals of Queens and the people who love them, so let’s embrace it.

**The views expressed in this column represent only those of the author and not the board or membership of the Juniper Park Civic Association.