by Vincent J. Tomeo

Fear overcame panicking residents.
There was a run on medical supplies,
hand sanitizers,
alcohol prep pads,
Lysol wipes,
antibacterial cleaners,
N95 face masks,
surgical masks,
any masks.
The news media frightened the people.
Toilet paper, nonperishable foods/goods flew off shelves.
Everywhere, everyone, a sea of surgical masks walking down Main Street.
One man, wearing just one cup size C pink brassiere
covering his face, startling.

A Peace and Hope Cheer
by Vincent J. Tomeo

Hope all is well,

like a pleasant Sun resting on a sunflower,

touched by sweet morning dew.

Hope all find love,

like Eloise and Abelard.

Hope all find joy in laughter,

like children at a circus.

Hope all are loved calm secure,

like a mother loves her child.

Hope all find contentment,

rhythmic breathing clean insalubrious air.

Hope this virus speedily passes this earth.

Hope we all live without fear and let there be peace.

Hope we meet again and dance in universal harmony.

Goodbye to All That
by Vincent J. Tomeo

We have lost our grace, dignity,

and bit by bit chipped away at our history.

Goodbye to all that.

I long for the commonplace things,

to sit in a church pew,

to shop in a crowded store,

to meander my way through a mass of people on main street.

To hear the planes fly overhead

Expect this virus will speedily pass this earth.

Hear the chiming bells.

One day back to normalcy, but when.