Remember when the television networks would sign off the air for the evening, playing the National Anthem? An American flag dominated the screen waving over spacious skies, majestic mountains, and golden fields of grains.

Remember when you sat in a telephone booth and closed the accordion doors to muffle the noise and conversation?

Remember when you listened to vinyl records playing wholesome music?

Remember when the fruit wagon rang its bells, and the neighborhood women gathered around to pick the fresh produce and haggle over the prices?

Remember the iceman, the knife sharpener, the milkman?

Remember when a man was a man and when people worked for a living, and families sat at the dinner table eating together?

Remember when you entered local stores, greeted with a Hello, and a conversation ensued?

Remember when the local merchants created an IOU?

Remember when a fuller brush man and the Avon lady rang your bell?

Remember when people respected the elderly, the children, pets, and God?

Remember when they wished you a Merry Christmas loud and clearly, and Christmas was in the air everywhere?

Remember all the products that no longer exist and so much more. Remember when we were all part of the same team, working together to win the peace?

What happened?