There currently are 3 proposals for rail line reactivation in our area. The first would reactivate the Lower Montauk line between LIC and Jamaica for passenger service. The line was shut down in 1995 due to low ridership and as it does not go to Manhattan, this will likely be the case again. In addition, there are the hurdles of eliminating multiple at grade street crossings in Maspeth and Glendale, as well as rebuilding the dilapidated railroad bridge over Dutch Kills and building ADA compliant platforms. The second study involves the Rockaway line that parallels Woodhaven Blvd. This was found to be feasible, but at an exorbitant cost. Again, ridership likely would not justify reactivation. And the third proposal is the most extensive and calls for passenger service along the CSX freight tracks through our area. The line would start in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and end in the Bronx. A study for that is underway. Improving outer borough transit should be an MTA priority, but the bus system needs serious attention. Instead of spending millions to study impractical rail projects, how about working on improving the local surface transit which is already in place?