On election day, Council Member Holden discovered a film shoot taking place on Metropolitan Avenue without a permit. He describes it: “Once again a production company has decided to take over blocks of parking on Metropolitan Avenue. Even worse, the NBCUniversal show, The Equalizer, per the Mayor’s Office, has no permits to take up all this parking and shouldn’t even be here.” To make matters worse, the production company falsely claimed they did have a permit, when what they applied for was a permit for Metropolitan Ave in Forest Hills. The situation was rectified but Holden plans to increase oversight hearings of the film industry, who, when given an inch, take a mile. Film shoot parking in commercial areas should be minimized so that businesses which rely on parking turnover are not harmed and if it must be done, the businesses should be adequately compensated for their losses. The film industry and the city like to brag about how much revenue filming creates, so there is obviously enough money to go around.