Dear Friends and Park Patrons,

I have transferred to D8 and D9 effective Monday, September 20. It’s an area that encompasses Cunningham Park and surrounding areas. I arrived to D5 in 2002, and aside from my military deployments, in 2005 and 2010, I have been a loyal civil servant at Juniper Valley Park for almost 20 years. I was proud to serve and enjoyed serving this awesome community. I made many friends, and some enemies (it goes with the territory). Many of you knew me as “Rico” and many of you didn’t know my name, but the vast majority of you always greeted me with a good morning, a smile or a wave of the hand (except for the occasional grouch). I learned what a tight knit community can accomplish and achieve. Middle Village and especially Juniper Valley Park, the heart of Middle Village, will always be the BEST PARK in Queens and will always have a special place in my heart. Stay well, help each other and God bless!

Rico Albacarys
Park Supervisor