Dear Friends & Colleagues,

It is with a heavy heart that I share the bittersweet news that I will be retiring from Parks next month.

I am endlessly grateful to have spent the last thirty-eight years working for the greatest agency in the City. Who could have ever imagined that my prized summer job as a teenager would ultimately blossom into the most amazing career!

Together, we have accomplished so much: collaborating on, designing, and building the most spectacular and innovative parks and playgrounds throughout Queens. Year after year, we managed to bring the biggest smiles to children. For me, there is nothing better!

It has been an honor and a privilege to work with all of you, especially the many communities and neighborhoods of Queens. Each community is unique and holds a square in the beautiful patchwork quilt that makes up our fine borough.

I remain grateful and extremely humbled that we were able to take this journey together. I am thankful for your trust and friendship. Each park and playground holds my passion and a piece of my heart. Memories can never be erased, and my time at Parks will stay with me forever.

For now, I will say this: “live your best life, and live it well!” I wish you all the blessings of good health and happiness.

See you around in our parks!

Much love,

JoAnne Amagrande
Chief of Staff to the Queens Borough Commissioner
NYC Department of Parks and Recreation