That is a question I have been asked dozens, maybe hundreds of times. As someone who has spent three decades teaching at the school, and another four years as a student, parents and prospective students often will ask for my point of view. It is an easy question to answer.

Choosing a high school is a very important decision. Where a young person spends these formative years will have a great impact on the person they become and their abilities to meet their future goals. The ideal school should combine a first class education, opportunities to achieve and grow outside of the academic arena, and a community that fosters friendship, teamwork and service to the community. Christ the King does all that and more.

The school has consistently updated its wide-ranging course offerings, combining modern technology with a faculty and staff that is eager to share their knowledge. It is commonplace to find teachers giving extra help to those who need it, outside of their scheduled classroom time. The school offers many college level programs. These Advanced Placement classes are designed to challenge students and can lead to college credits while still in high school.

In addition to the traditional and AP courses, the school has a wide variety of alternate and elective choices ranging from theater classes, to psychology, forensics, statistics, ceramics and dance.

As a result of the level of teaching and technology at the school, last year’s senior class received over $15,000,000. in academic scholarships.

A great school offers its students more than traditional subjects and coursework. Christ the King’s curriculum is only one part of its services.

After school, the CK community explodes with creativity and athletic prowess.Robotics, Chess, Math Team, the Art Club, Speech and Debate and many other programs, constantly being added, provide intellectual stimulation and fun for those who wish to participate.

Feeling athletic? CK offers a nationally ranked and respected athletic program that runs the gamut from Basketball, Football and Baseball to Soccer, Handball, Bowling, Track and other competitive events and activities. Many of our graduates have gone on to careers in professional sports and competed on US Olympic teams.

If you are the creative type, Christ the King has the programs for you. We have a dance team, championship step program, chorus, band and drum corps. The CK Musical Theatre is celebrating a decade of major productions from Beauty and the Beast to Phantom of the Opera. If your talents lie behind the curtain, the Broadcast Club or the theater’s Stage Crew will offer you ample opportunity to display your talents.

School special events and trips round out the year with a chance for the whole CK community to get together and serve a cause or just have some fun. Annual events like the Walkathon and Senior Halloween Dress-up Day are always much anticipated. The school has pep rallies, senior breakfasts, class trips, a spring concert, art shows, talent shows and new events are added each year.

The CK campus also extends a helping hand to those around us. Our blood drives have been a newsworthy success. The students routinely contribute to help those suffering from tragedies ranging from natural disasters in foreign countries to Hurricane Sandy. Each year we hold food drives around the holidays and the Campus Ministry sets up charitable events to allow the students to appreciate the joy of helping those in need.

As a Catholic school, the Campus Ministry is an important facet of the daily life at the school. From morning prayers, to blessings at mealtime, the students are constantly reminded that Christ is the reason for this school. Regularly scheduled and special masses, classes and conversations with members of the ministry help to spiritually guide the students through their time at the school.

Christ the King High School provides its students with a first class education, a support team to help them make decisions and set goals, the opportunity to explore their mental and/or physical prowess, the chance to shine on stage, a moral and religious context for their lives, a chance to be a special part of an ever-changing, ever-growing community.

In the end, the question is not “Why choose Christ the King?” My question would be, “Why would you choose anyplace else?”