This photo may have been taken on a Sunday as back in the early 1900s it was strictly observed as a day of rest. Things were very quiet, there were no vehicles or horses on the road and there aren’t any people milling about on the busiest roads in Maspeth this day. Trolley tracks line the Belgian-blocked streets and trolleys are moving down both the Grand Street line and the Flushing Avenue line in the above photo. A sign advertising Reid’s Ice Cream sits out at the sidewalk. There wasn’t a triangle yet where the two roads came together.

Today, the trolley tracks and Belgian block have been paved over, the trolley routes have been replaced by the Q58 and Q59 bus lines and you find businesses open, pedestrians scurrying and cars a-plenty in Maspeth 7 days a week. The old frame house on the right is still there more than 100 years later, with a business on the ground floor. However, the larger, more modern building has been replaced. Some major work went into beautifying this intersection and making it safer.