After Robert Holden defeated Elizabeth Crowley at the polls in November, 2 pols known to be way left of center pounced on Bob Holden. First, Mayor de Blasio had this to say the day after the election:

“I don’t know him. He’s obviously a Republican, and we don’t share values. I’ll try and work with him, although I suspect we won’t see eye-to-eye on issues. If you can run as a Republican in Donald Trump’s America, you just bought the whole label. I don’t know the guy; I’ll try and work with him, but he just signed up for something very troubling in my book.”

Next up was Council Member Daniel Dromm, who represents Elmhurst and had no problem revealing his prejudice against Mr. Holden and Republicans. This is a passage from a November 22nd Queens Chronicle article:

The openly gay lawmaker also said he’s taken issues over the years with Holden and his views that “border on racist and homophobic,” adding that the councilman-elect is a “total Republican” no matter what party he’s affiliated with.

“In my opinion, Bob represents the Trump side of the Republican Party, and he’s just as explosive as the president,” he said. “He’s always been a Republican. He has no Democratic credentials and he doesn’t represent anything the Democratic Party stands for.”

When asked what advice he had for the incoming rookie lawmaker, Dromm said Holden needs to eliminate name-calling and insulting from his arsenal.

(I guess the irony of his own words was lost on Council Member Dromm.)

Here are 2 men who have never had a sit-down conversation with Mr. Holden, yet have decided to prejudge him based not on his decades of community service, but on one of 4 lines he ran on in the general election. A politician's stance on our current president should not determine how they serve the 460,000 registered Republicans in NYC. They may be a minority, but they deserve the same representation as every other voter in the city. These statements were not only dumb, they were disrespectful and discriminatory.