As we are all aware, Council Member Elizabeth Crowley will depart the City Council on December 31st. But she has decided to make one last push to close Rikers Island at an oversight hearing held on December 4th by the Fire & Criminal Justice Committee, which she helms. She told the Gotham Gazette on November 20th: “This would be the most ideal way of wrapping up the session because it’s an immense endeavor and one that clearly the Department of Corrections doesn’t have the talents right now and the ability to address. I’m hoping that we can put together recommendations for the mayor’s office to help make this plan more of a reality.” She apparently forgot that she had also promised NBC that she would examine the reasons that fire hydrants in our area were not being repaired at this same committee “by the end of the year.” The topic was not on the agenda for any of the meetings held by the body since the June fire on Myrtle Ave which was made worse by non-functioning hydrants.