Don’t give bad guys a good deal
– Do not carry large amounts of cash. 
– Never carry your wallet in your back pocket. 
– Pickpockets usually work in teams of two or more people. They take their time, stalk their victims, and strike when the victims are most vulnerable. Always be aware of staged distractions.  Pickpockets may drop something in front of you or cause a loud commotion near you. 
– When carrying a purse, firmly grasp the top portion of the purse while shopping, waiting for or riding public transportation. Never leave it unattended or on the back of a chair. 
– When possible, carry cash substitutes such as traveler’s checks or credit cards.  Keep a written record of your traveler’s checks and credit card numbers and keep them in a safe place. 
– Backpacks are big targets for thieves – in order to become a less likely target, carry your backpack in the front of your body, secure zippers and do not put wallets in outer compartments. 
– Do not leave your property unattended, not even for a brief moment, and beware of distractions. While waiting for a service or departing to another destination, keep all of your property in view at all times. 

– Carry your keys on your person separate from your identification. 
– If someone attempts to snatch your pocketbook, let go of it, especially if there is a weapon involved. 
– Straps placed across your shoulder, around your neck or wrapped around your waist have caused injuries because women could not free themselves during a purse snatch. 
– Be particularly aware of your purse/wallet in crowded situations, such as rush-hour trains and buses. 
– If you are jostled in a crowd, be aware that a pickpocket might be responsible. 
– Always be aware of your surroundings and carry your pocketbook clasp toward you, close to your body, tucked in the bend of your elbow as if it were a football. 
– Divide money between your purse/wallet and pockets. 

Unsecured network
– If you decide to utilize an unsecured or open network for your shopping needs, any information that is sent over that network can be intercepted. For example, if you log into your e-mail account via an unsecured network, you may have given a hacker direct access to your account. 
– Beware of online deals on sites and forums such as Craigslist that sound too good to be true. 
– Never transfer money to an unfamiliar online seller unless through an authorized website. 

Vehicle Theft 
– Always lock and secure your vehicle. Always activate your alarm every time you leave your vehicle. Consider locking lug nuts to deter rim theft. 
– Never leave the keys in the ignition when you exit the vehicle – even for a minute! 
– Never leave property in your vehicle. Items such as loose change, shopping bags, GPS, cell phones, laptops, tablets and the charging cords are targeted by thieves. 
– Park in high traffic or well-lit areas, when possible. 
– Enroll in NYPD anti-theft programs such as VIN etching, Operation ID, and Combat Auto Theft.