Hello Neighbors! I am desperately attempting to find a kidney donor for my husband, Steve. As the result of being born prematurely and with a rare syndrome, Steve’s original kidneys were unable to function properly. In 1997 at 18 years old, Steve’s kidneys were only functioning at 30% and he was scheduled for his first transplant. Luckily, at the time, his father was a perfect match! Both surgeries were very successful with no complications. In 2011, Steve and I were blessed with our daughter, Amelia. Steve’s parents never thought that he would see adulthood let alone have a child of his own. Unfortunately, though, kidney transplants do not last forever, and we are now searching for a new donor so that Steve can once again defy odds and see Amelia grow up.

If you’re interested in being considered as a donor, please contact Nicole from the Transplant Center at Northwell Health: (516) 562-0550. She is looking for healthy candidates who have type O blood (positive or negative doesn’t matter). When you call, she will ask some prescreening health questions which are confidential. From there, she will let you know if you qualify for further match testing. We know that the decision to undergo any type of surgery is not easy, so we do not ask for this gift lightly. Steve and I appreciate each and every person that takes the time to read and share our story. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!

A Kidney for Sandy
by Christina Wilkinson

Mike and Sandy Bilski have been married for 24 years and raised 4 kids in Glendale. But 2 years ago, they got some bad news: Sandy's kidneys were failing, and she would need dialysis for the rest of her life. Fortunately, Sandy qualifies for a kidney transplant, but as is always the case, the challenge is finding one.

Mike was inspired to ask not only via social media, but has also very publicly asked via his vehicle, which you may have seen around the neighborhood. The tactic not only has resulted in an overwhelming response from the public but has also caught the attention of major media outlets, bringing their story to an even wider audience.

If you have Type B+ blood and would like to be tested to see if you might be a potential match, please contact NYU-Langone Health in Manhattan at (212) 263-8134 and press option 2. You can follow Sandy's story at “Wife Needs a Kidney” on Facebook.