Hardenburg Is Charged with Stealing While in the Penitentiary.

Capt. “Dave” Holdsworth, of Maspeth, will next week go to the Albany County Penitentiary to arrest James Hardenburg on a charge of grand larceny.

Hardenburg will have completed a term of fourteen months in the penitentiary on February 8, and the present complaint charges him with stealing from the penitentiary in which he is a prisoner.

Hardenburg is 23 years of age and was first arrested two years ago on a charge of forgery. He escaped punishment and a few months later joined the regular army. While leading a soldier’s life, Hardenburg went back to his old habits and was sent to the penitentiary for the term stated. While in the penitentiary Hardenburg, it is claimed, stole clothes and other articles, which he sent to Miss Mary Knipe, a good looking young woman of 21 years who is his sweetheart and lives in Maspeth. Miss Knipe still had confidence in him and refused to believe that the articles sent her were stolen.

A detective traced the articles to Maspeth, and a search warrant was issued by Justice Brandon. Miss Knipe gave up all the articles and gave the police officers no trouble. She said she did not want the articles if they were stolen. The goods which Miss Knipe gave to the officer were sent to James McIntyre, the Superintendent of the Albany County Penitentiary, who has sent the following letter to Justice Brandon:

SIR: The package of goods sent me by you arrived here yesterday, and I find that the entire lot of the goods have been stolen from this institution and were surreptitiously got out from the penitentiary through an instructor, For this act Hardenburg will be kept here an additional ten days which will make his time out on the 8th of February, at which time you can send an officer for him.

At the trial Miss Knipe will be subpoenaed. Her parents, old and respected residents of Maspeth, never did take kindly to Hardenburg.