The Juniper Juniors have kicked off the warm weather this year with two ambitious clean-ups! With Maspeth High School’s Green club as a partner on these clean-ups, the groups have made a large impact in our area.

The first clean-up in April was the very difficult area of 57th Avenue between 80th Street and 74th Street. The volunteers, cleaned the grass area, painted over graffiti on the bridge, and cleaned graffiti on the highway walls. Over 20 bags of garbage were collected. It should also be noted that the Stop and Shop Supermarket on Myrtle Avenue donated fruit for to the volunteers. Several adult volunteers have been continually joining these clean-ups too.

The second clean-up more recently was May 17th. The area around the Pullis Historical Landmark in Juniper Valley Park was given a facelift by the volunteers. The team trimmed the foliage, planted flowers donated by St. John’s Cemetery, and cleaned the walkway leading to the monument. Another effort with a large number of volunteers from the Green Club.

We are always looking for volunteers of all ages! Please don’t hesitate to send us an email and we’ll place you on our distribution list for event notices. Donations are also welcomed! – Len Santoro