This graffiti covered peeling wall on 63rd Avenue and Dry Harbor Road has been on this eyesore page several times over the years. This building needs a paint job – pronto. Leaving the wall in this condition is a slap in the face to the surrounding community that passes by it every day. Invest in a bucket of paint and a sprayer and the job will be done in minutes.

The trash cans on Grand Avenue were removed and what has taken their place are mounds of trash from pedestrians, but also from residences and businesses. Our communities deserve trash-free shopping corridors and our elected officials need to convince Sanitation to step up their game.

You would think that the owner of Eagle Pharmacy on Flushing Avenue and 64th Street would look up once in awhile. We don’t understand business owners that allow their signs to become tattered eyesores. The original intent is promotion of their stores, but what ends up happening when a business continues to display a sign in this condition is that they advertise their indifference to the community they serve.