We are most familiar with the Latin terms for 1000 years (millennium) and 100 years (centennial), but there are names for other anniversaries in between.

So what is 375 years in Latin?

One way of saying it may be “dodransquadricentennial,” which is quite a mouthful. Dodrans is a Latin contraction of de-quadrans which means “a whole unit less a quarter” (de means “from”; quadrans means “quarter”).

Quadricentennial = 400 years. 375 years is a quarter century less than the next whole century or 375 = (-25 + 400).

Dodransquadricentennial doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, and it would certainly qualify as one of the hardest spelling bee words in history.

Unfortunately, the only other option out there is “terquasquicentennial.” While it was first coined in modern times for an anniversary of 175 years, according to Latin experts, the elements of the word literally refer to an anniversary of 375 years. Follow along: ter- (3) × quasqui- (1¼) × centennial (100 years). That would be quite an impressive Scrabble word but I’m not sure there’s enough space on the board!

Whether you decide to celebrate the settling of Maspeth as a dodransquadricentennial, terquasquicentennial, jubilee, birthday or anniversary, be sure to enjoy it. Reaching 375 is a milestone and the next big celebration isn’t for another 25 long years when the town turns 400 years old.