A Bridge Too Ugly
The MTA took over a year and a million dollars to repair the 100+ year old railroad bridge over Woodhaven Boulevard and Eliot Avenue (right). So why wasn’t a few thousand dollars set aside to paint it? And while they were at it why didn’t the MTA spend any money to secure the bridge from graffiti vandals? The bridge offers easy access to anyone wanting to climb up on the tracks.

A Weed Nightmare on 60 Avenue
This is by far the most dilapidated property in Middle Village. The property (top, left) has not been swept in months, mail piles up outside and blows all over the neighborhood and weeds are growing in front of the garage and sidewalk. The JPCA reported the property to the Department of Sanitation several times but each time the inspector found nothing wrong with it. Finally on the 4th try, a DSNY officer issued a summons. Makes you wonder if the Sanitation inspectors really visited the property in the first place.

See Something Say Something
This food store owner on Woodhaven Boulevard (just south of Dry Harbor Road) has a blind spot. Graffiti, debris, garbage and a torn for rent banner complete this mess. If anyone reading this actually buys food in this store please tell the owner that you will take your business elsewhere unless this mess is cleaned.