Jennifer Marino-Bonventre is a 7th grade English teacher at PS/IS119. She’s a true inspiration to her students, family and friends. In these trying times she found a way to lift the spirits of her own children, neighbors and even strangers. She has been spending her evenings with her children looking up Disney characters and their motivational quotes to share with others. She was inspired to do so after hearing about “Rainbows in the Window” and “Chalk your Walk” and decided to take it up a notch. On clear evenings she decorates her sidewalk with these characters for all to enjoy.  Her first was of Winnie the Pooh. She has even inspired one of her own students to do the same. 12-year old Meghan O’Connor has joined in the fun and has brightened up evening walks for all to enjoy. If you get the chance, check out these amazing drawings for yourself. They can be found on 71st St between Eliot and Caldwell Avenues. Thank you, Mrs. Marino-Bonventre, for being a light to others in these dark times.