Pet hoarding is a serious problem. In June, New Jersey officials found 276 small dogs living in deplorable conditions in a private home and there have been several incidents in NYC over the past few years. Hoarding is a mental illness and is treatable, but it’s more tragic when innocent pets are affected. Dangerous hoarding should be reported via 311.

40,000 DEATHS
40,000 American men die of prostate cancer every year. That is one death every 15 minutes.

If you spend all day sitting, you might want to take a brisk walk. Scientists analyzing data from more than one million people found that it takes about 60 to 70 minutes of “moderate intensity” exercise to undo the damage of sitting for at least eight hours a day, which is as dangerous as being obese or smoking. The added risk of parking yourself in front of a television for five hours or more a day after sitting at the office is so high, even the hour of exercise is not enough to reverse the damage, according to the paper published online in the journal Lancet.