Charles G. Imperial lived in Maspeth and Middle Village for almost 70 years and distinguished himself by his sincere dedication and substantial contributions to the welfare of his community. His spirit of humanity, of devotion to the good of all, carried over into all fields of enterprise, including charitable and philanthropic work.

Charles was not a man of great physical stature but he possessed the heart of a giant. Everyone in the neighborhood knew that his door was always open to anyone in need. It was never an inconvenience for Charlie when he could help someone, and he never expected anything in return.

Charles devoted his life to family, friends and community. He was a man who led by example displaying integrity, honesty, sincerity, morality and compassion every day of his life to everyone he encountered, whether a family member or a casual acquaintance.

He jumped into community projects with boundless energy and enthusiasm. A school principal approached him with deep concern because the children had to cross an extremely dangerous intersection without a traffic light.
The principal contacted him after trying for almost a year to write letters and call numerous city agencies without any results. Knowing Charles' tenacity and particular interest in anything that could potentially harm children, no one was surprised when three days later a traffic light was installed.

Mr. Imperial's community involvement included: Commissioner of Motor vehicles, Assistant Commissioner of Water Supply, Gas and Electricity and Deputy Director of Community Boards from 1973 through 1980. Charles was actively involved with the following organizations: The American Legion, The Boy Scouts of America-Chairman of Fund Raising, Catholic War Veterans, Jewish War Veterans – Maspeth Post 673, The Knights of Columbus, Maspeth Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis Club, Italian Charities, AMITA, Pulaski Association, Coalition of Christians and Jews, The Elks Club and The Holy Name Society.

Charles G. Imperial was a distinguished citizen. We need more like him.