Here’s why we started: 

After seeing a nurse on Twitter receive a parking ticket after her shift, I really just wanted to be able to pay it for her knowing what she was probably dealing with during her shift. Although I wasn’t able to get in contact, we felt this was a great alternative way to give back. Plus, my significant other is a nurse and I see what she deals with firsthand daily during this whole deal.

Here was the process:

Originally, our goal was to simply raise $2k and feed one hospital. We ended up hitting our goal of $2k in less than 12 hours due to the overwhelming support we received on social media. I was urged by my significant other to push for more, so we went for $5k. We ended up hitting $5k in less than another 24 hours. Overall, we’ve been able to raise roughly $10k in total.

Here are the businesses which have supported: 

Phillies Pizzeria & Restaurant – being close with the owners, I reached out to see if they would be willing to take on an influx of work knowing that staff may have been cut and hours have been altered. They were more than willing to do so and got behind the movement instantly. We placed many orders through Phillies during this initiative and they continuously throw in extra pies on them.

Carlos Pizzeria – after seeing the impact the campaign was making, Anthony Caruana, son of ownership, reached out to me asking to donate food to the campaign. We were able to feed many units at Elmhurst through their donation.

Anthony & Son Panini Shoppe - being close with ownership, I reached out to see if they too would be willing to take on the influx of orders. Anthony and Sabino Curcio were willing to do so and have helped us impact many frontline workers.

L’Industrie Pizzeria - my friends Massimo and Nick were eager to donate food to the campaign, so we were able to pick up some pies from them and donate to NYU.

Patrizia’s of Williamsburg - after reaching out to my buddy Antonio, he was willing to scrap together a last-minute donation of their famous pasta dish, money bags (FIORETTI ALLA BOSCAIOLA).








FDNY Engine 287/Ladder 136/Battalion 46

Katz Women’s Hospital @ LIJ

Northshore University Hospital

Cohens Children Hospital (3x)

Memorial Sloan Kettering

Elmhurst Hospital (2x)

Wyckoff Hospital

Mount Sanai Queens

NYU (NYC 34th and 1st)

St. Francis Hospital