Have you ever ordered a club sandwich at Good Eats, Fame Diner or Glendale Diner? If you have, then that side spear served with your entrée was likely made nearby in Maspeth.

Eagle Pickle Works was founded in 1888 in White Plains by two brothers who had immigrated from Germany. Shortly after, they passed it on to another family in Greenpoint. The company moved to Maspeth in 1956 and has been there ever since. It was the first and remains the oldest pickle factory in NYC. It is now owned by Ralph Pisarski. The business currently has 5 employees responsible for brining cucumbers and cabbage, packing and distributing. Eddie’s Pickles is one brand in their lineup. It is named after the previous owner who brought the business here.

As an essential business, Eagle Pickle Works has remained open throughout the current health crisis. Their storefront located at 57-30 59th Street. There you can sample the goods and buy jars to take home. You can also find their products at some of our local Polish delis. The store is open Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm. They are closed on weekends. You can call ahead for easy pickup by dialing (718) 894-1483. Their Facebook handle is @eddiespicklesny.

The flavors of pickles they offer are half sour, sour, kosher dill, spicy and bread & butter chips. Sauerkraut flavors are plain or with carrots, but they also have been known to experiment with new ideas. Ralph points out that sauerkraut is a fermented probiotic food that helps strengthen our immune systems, which could all use a little boost right now. Products are made with all-natural ingredients, cabbage and cukes are grown in NY state when in season.

Eagle Pickle Works is proud to support first responders and the company has donated their products to the front lines. Great job. Let’s support this local manufacturer and keep them in business for another 132 years.