With someone who knows what they are doing from major overhauls to small tweaks, Joyride Bikes is not only great for repairs, but has a fine bike selection. In a friendly but not pricey atmosphere, Josh puts in a dedicated effort to help customers.

After celebrating a 7th Year Anniversary in March, this full-service shop has yet to get any poor customer ratings. This 5-star review by Michael Colucci sums it up: “Seriously outstanding experience. I have spent the last 45 minutes writing reviews about the stellar service and product I received from Joyride… Looking forward to giving this business more of my money. If you have decided to rent a bike this is where you do it.”

When Josh is not doing some riding of his own upstate around Bear Mountain, he is an active member of the community and happy to have you post charity and cycling events on his Facebook page.

Riders from two boroughs have quick and easy access to the shop located off Myrtle Avenue and 60th Street in Ridgewood. But Manhattan is just a hop away on the bus or subway, and it is worth traveling twice that distance to get what you “straight-up” need without grief. Look for the blue canopy, bicycle sign and the basil-filled window boxes.

When your bike is busted, and you just said, “Yikes!” head on over to Joyride Bikes.

70-08 60th Street
Ridgewood, NY 11385