Hello everyone, my name is David Lee Madison and I am an independent film maker who was born and raised in Middle Village. I lived on 77th Street and Penelope Ave and attended St. Margaret’s, PS 49, and JHS 119. I developed a love for film making at a very young age when my brother introduced me to the classic Universal horror films and to my all-time favorite film, It’s a Wonderful Life. My last movie, Mr. Hush, was a huge success for a small horror film, spending 6 weeks in Redbox’s top 10 and being chosen by The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences for their core collection at the Margaret Herrick Library in Hollywood, California.

Last year, I decided to make a loving documentary about the town where I grew up. I wanted to set up some of the talking points with some fun, light-hearted narratives, so I called my dear friend and pop culture icon Brian O’Halloran (Clerks 1-2, Mallrats, Dogma) to appear in the film. This is how my new film, Middle Village, started to come together. So, on Saturday, April 25th 2015, we filmed our first set of interviews at the beautiful restaurant, London Lennie’s, on Woodhaven Blvd. Over a dozen long-time residents of Middle Village came out and shared their wonderful stories of the neighborhood; even a few noted historians came out to discuss the town’s interesting history.

During the next couple of weeks, we started filming the short narrative sections of the film that set up the locals’ interviews. We had a few well-known actors appear in these short vignettes and I feel that they came out really entertaining. On Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 we had an especially great day in the filming of Middle Village. We shot a great interview with Middle Village’s own Ray Abruzzo, who is best known as Carmine Lupertazzi on HBO’s hit show The Sopranos. He also starred on NBC’s Night Court and ABC’s The Practice, to name a few.  He is very passionate about his hometown and had great stories to share. In addition, we interviewed Tony Timpone, who also grew up in Middle Village. Tony is best known as the Editor Emeritus for FANGORIA Magazine and has produced several major motion pictures. Tony shared some wonderful stories of his days at Our Lady of Hope and hanging around Juniper Park.

We had a fantastic day of filming on June 9th, 2015 when Brian O’Halloran began shooting his scenes throughout our beautiful village. Amongst the locations we filmed at were Juniper Valley Park, Middle Village Park, Steve’s Pizza Place on Eliot Ave, along Metropolitan Ave, 74th St, and Dry Harbor Road, to name a few. I am proud to say that we did not take away parking, close down streets or in any way disrupt the neighborhood during filming.

The journey that started back in January is paying off with what I believe is a really great movie. It is funny, sweet, sincere, and informative. I am extremely proud of it and of my Middle Village pedigree! The premiere was held November 14th at Cinemart Cinemas on Metropolitan Avenue. The film’s official website is www.middlevillagemovie.com and you can like it on Facebook at www.facebook.com/middlevillagefilm.