Nerve and Then Some
(left) Talk about a bad neighbor, does it get any worse than this. To add insult to injury, graffiti covers the truck. The complaints (at least 5) about this property located at 61-16 70th Street goes back to March, 2015. The owner listed on the Dept of Buildings website is Hot Kadija. Stay tuned to see how DOB addresses this one which has gone on much too long. We should also include this photo on our “Things that are Dumb” page.

A Trash & Weed Nightmare on 60 Avenue, Again!
(top right) This is the first time in the 75 years of publishing the Juniper Berry that we have the same eyesore property included in two successive issues. The JPCA reported thisproperty numerous times to the Department of Sanitation resulting in no summons. We even took two DSNY officials on a tour to show them the property. Finally DSNY said the landlord was issued a summons. Since then the property has gotten much worse. What’s next DSNY?

Time to Invest
(bottom right) This property on the corner of 69th Street and Metropolitan Avenue has been on our eyesore page several times. The owner obviously does not know how to take care of his property. As a result the first floor store is still vacant since Artistic Stitch relocated to Cooper Avenue years ago. Maybe if the owner kept his property clean he might just attract a tenant.