Thankfully, the vast majority of property owners in Middle Village & Maspeth take pride in the appearance and well-being of our neighborhood. But a few property owners have a total disregard for the condition of their property. So we induct these properties into this month’s Hall of Shame. If you see properties in disarray, call 311. And please send them to us for possible inclusion in our neighborhood hall of shame. Graffiti images on this page have been altered to not give vandals notoriety. Send to: or mail to: Juniper Berry Eyesores, PO Box 275 Middle Village, NY 11379


Just because a property is for sale doesn’t exempt the owner from maintaining it. A neat appearance is also generally more attractive to potential buyers. This commercial yard on 57th Avenue is fronted by a roll down gate that needs some attention. There is nothing here that a good old fashioned coat of silver and gray paint can’t fix. Kelly Koukou, tell your client to get some Krylon.


This tree pit on Calamus Avenue has been converted into a garbage pit by the contractor working on the never-ending sewer project. Trash, quite a bit of lumber and a metal barrier were all tossed in a pile and left here. Construction has dragged on for almost 4 years now, but does CAC need to add insult to injury and treat spaces in front of homes like garbage dumps?


Attention realtors: using public property to promote your open houses is prohibited. That means no sandwich board signs on sidewalks and no posters on poles, such as this one at the corner of 69th Street and Grand Avenue. You can face a fine from the Department of Sanitation, and multiple infractions can cost you dearly. Just do us all a favor and advertise legally. Everyone has a GPS these days and when they punch in the address of the home, they’ll find you.