The words of English dramatist, Sir William Schwenck Gilbert accurately summed up the core character of most modern liberals when he wrote, “The idiot who praises, with enthusiastic tone, all centuries but this, and every country but his own.” Gilbert couldn’t have put it any better because liberals despise their country and history as being evil despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary.

It is without question that delusion, immaturity, and ignorance are essential elements that go into the decision-making process of today’s modern American liberal. But what sets these liberals apart from the rest of society is their level of hypocrisy.

That unabashed hypocrisy liberals rely on to justify their positions is evidenced in the recent tear-filled press conference given by New York Senator Chuck Schumer on January 29th. Schumer emotionally expressed his opinion that to temporarily place a moratorium on immigration from seven terrorist run nations until proper vetting made Americans safe was un-American, but the senior Democrat was silently dry-eyed in 2011 when President Obama stopped processing Iraqi refugee requests for six months.

Also, there was no tearful press conference by Schumer when an American citizen, Jim Steinle held his 32-year-old daughter Kate Steinle in his arms as she died after being shot by an illegal alien on a San Francisco pier. The shooter, Francisco Sanchez had amassed seven felonies and was deported five times when he gave an interview after his arrest in the Steinle murder and said that he returned to San Francisco because he knew it was a “sanctuary city.” What Sanchez was referring to was San Francisco’s as well as other U.S. city policies, including New York, that disregard federal law and harbors illegal aliens; a policy Schumer publically defended after Steinle’s murder. Further, Schumer expected and received an audience when he gave his emotional speech defending illegal aliens but did not stay to hear the testimony by American family members of victims killed by illegal aliens during a July 2015 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

At the last Presidential debate, after then Republican candidate Donald Trump stated that he would not commit to accepting Hillary Clinton as the next President, Clinton shot back by saying that she thought Trump’s statement was “horrifying” and “a threat to our democracy.” But Clinton later supported the voter recount challenging Trump’s election while thousands of liberals took to the streets and began protesting Trump's election by shouting, “Not My President” as they torched cars, smashed storefronts and burned American flags.

When it came to finding out the reason four Americans died in Benghazi, liberal members of Congress were satisfied when Hillary Clinton testified before Congress saying, “What difference does it make.” But apparently, it made a difference to Clinton and those same liberal members of Congress when it came to finding out why she didn’t get elected, as they demanded Russia face some form of retaliation for allegedly hacking the Democratic National Committee.

More than anything else this election has exposed the hypocritical face of the modern liberal and had once and for all unmasked the liberal propaganda machine also known as the media, that no longer pretends to be impartial, and openly embraces their current place in American society as being a staunch champion of liberal causes.

There are two absurdities every clear thinking American adult should be aware of regarding liberalism. The first is that liberals routinely embrace the actions they verbally condemn in others. So where liberals talk about free speech they will ban opposition speakers from lecturing on their liberal campuses, or while liberals preach inclusiveness and non-violence, they destroy the private property of those in disagreement with their causes. And second is the fact that a true liberal is never satisfied with the outcome; positive or negative.

Progressive leaders and their followers have made it abundantly clear that they demand and expect an immediate and drastic change in the country’s demographics and form of government. They will seek to achieve those goals by violence, political obstruction and circumventing federal laws if need be; all the while preaching a false montage message of peace and tolerance.

**The views expressed in this column represent only those of the author and not the board or membership of the Juniper Park Civic Association.