Winter’s Night at the Reflective Pools: The 9/11 Memorial 01/24/2014

Ice curtain crystals blushing silver blue.
Refracting off Titanic sanctum walls of polished ebony granite
Dangling crystals Twinkling like diamonds Mirrored bright
How cold is the night in such reflective crystal light
Sparkling silver waterfalls cascade
Names forever glow

A Not So Politically Correct Christmas

Winter solstice
Happy Holiday
Seasons Greetings
Merry X-Mas
There would be no celebration
Without Christ
The celebration of the Birth of “The Prince of Peace”
Jesus Christ
Merry Christmas
Sing it from the roof tops
Christ is born
Christ is born
Merry Christmas
Peace on earth

Winter Hazel Tree

Petite stems
Dangle limply
Like dough
On nimble limbs
Like Alexander Calder’s mobile
Slow, soft, silent
Gentle sway from side to side
Buds in sunlight
Simple Suspended
Solace Sings