I Believe
I believe in the dreams of all people—
That they are meant to be fulfilled.
I believe in that small fraction of hope
That age and time can’t take or kill.

I believe in the ability of words
To empower the broken and the weak.
I believe that all us could
Find power in the acts of the meek.

I believe in the lost causes,
Rallying the idealistic
To live and fight as One.
I believe the War has already been won.

I believe that the truth should be told
No matter what the cost.
I believe that fulfilling your calling leaves behind
A legacy that cannot be bought.

Most of all I believe in love,
Unconditional and pure, without fear,
For it is only with the courage of surrender
That love has the power to heal.

A Ship is Safe in Harbor
A ship is safe in harbor
But that isn’t what it was built for.
A bird is safe in a cage
But that isn’t what it was born for.

A ship was built to sail
And a bird was born to fly
And each of us has a calling
To accomplish before we die.
Fish are made to swim.
Deer are meant to leap and bound.

By accepting each other’s natures,
The way to peace is found.
Some of us need to see the world,
We’re created to do extraordinary things.

Some of us hold a vision
That only through the eyes of faith is seen.
The scorpions will sting us,
And lion’s roar their pain,
The gentle lambs whine meekly;
The cowardly love in vain.
To each their own.

Live and let live—
But never let die:
Whatever you were born to do—
Whoever you were born to be—
Be and do and live the life—
Walk out on faith, unsafe—
To become worthy of the dream.

From The Resurrected Dream: A Collection of Poetry & Prose from An Awakened Soul by Crystal Wolfe.
Available on Amazon, Kindle, in Bookstores or Libraries.