The Empire State Building entered the grand arena in a huff, snubbing
the Chrysler Building.
After all, The Empire State Building thought,
He was Emperor of the State.

The Chrysler Building, on the other hand, was just a radiator top hat,
an inconsequential not-so-good American automobile.
The Chrysler Building was indignant.
How dare that pointy-headed Empire State Building look down on me!

In paraded the Woolworth Building. The cathedral of commerce.
Meandering through a crowd with such grace;
She thought she had it all.
She was the first skyscraper lit up-electrified.

That was then, and this is now. She needs a facelift.
She is too much downtown.
All the buildings turned and sneered at the Citibank Building.
She looked a little bent.

Then there was the City’s Municipal Building.
She gained so much weight she couldn’t fit through the door.
No wonder! Too close to Chinatown, You can smell the dumplings.
She looked frumpy in her draped gown, her yellow facade turning gray.
She needs a facial.

Then that new, very gaunt and fragile building, 432 Park Avenue, walked in.
It is tall and skinny and all the way uptown. It pierced the sky, the clouds,
Oh my.
She thinks she is number one.
I heard rumors she is very wealthy, parsimonious, and upper class.

On another note,
Rumors are The Trump Building will be the Summer White House –

As the buildings enter the Titanic grounds, the chatter increased.
Look at that tall building.
Look at that skinny building.
Look at that round building.

Oh, that’s the Guggenheim.
She thinks she is something special.
Look! The Dakota is limping.

She was once so grand, elegant, and plush. Age! We all have to face it.
My word! Here come the Cathedral girls,
Saint Patrick’s pooh-poohed Saint John the Divine.
You know Saint John is still incomplete, And Saint Patrick’s just got an overhaul. Really!

Rolling in next were the department store buildings.
Saks was in great form, lit like a birthday cake,
Lord and Taylor were in drag. Nevertheless, Macy’s stole the show.
She was dressed to dance, a flapper with stubby legs.
You know, she has a Grand Parade and lights the city up in a fabulous firework fantasia.
Macy’s will undoubtedly win the prize.

The judges had difficulties deciding who will win the architectural crown.
Oh, here comes that building.
You know the one.
She lost having dropped a crane downtown.
Look! Who just arrived? One World Trade Tower, no one can beat that!