If you normally drive via Woodhaven Blvd, you have no doubt noticed that your commute has doubled or tripled. In fact, even if you skirt the artery by instead taking side streets that feed into the road, you have no doubt sat in traffic for an extended period of time. This is all due to the construction on Woodhaven Blvd combined with the newly implemented 24-hour bus lanes, which have taken away a lane of car traffic. No matter what time of day you drive down Woodhaven Blvd now, there is a backup. CBS’ Marcia Kramer visited the mess in mid-November, the day after the new regulations went into effect, and found slowed traffic for miles. She asked DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg about the jam, and was told, “One thing we’ve found when you do big projects like this is you do have to let it settle in. We’re going to monitor it very closely,” but she didn’t indicate just how long this disaster will be monitored before some needed changes are made. These bad decisions by DOT make drivers feel like the de Blasio administration has declared war on them.