There are a handful of disgruntled Maspeth residents who take to Facebook nearly every day to complain about how the Maspeth-Middle Village Task Force, its member groups and all the loyal protesters handled the Holiday Inn fight. We’ve never personally met many of these people. Yet they lob wild accusations at organizers and claim that protesting was a waste of time, when it actually was responsible for pushing the property owner to file a lawsuit against the hotel owners. They allege that we “failed” because the city is renting rooms for 60 homeless men at the still functioning commercial hotel. Would they have preferred the conversion of the hotel into a permanent 220-person capacity shelter instead? They complain that hiring a lawyer and taking bus trips were a waste of time and money, yet those complaining the most never donated a penny and didn’t participate in any of the public events. In these people’s warped minds, everyone should have just sat at home and let the city run roughshod over Maspeth, which they certainly would have also complained about. The biggest joke is that they keep whining that Maspeth needs its own civic association, yet none of them are volunteering to start one and are themselves discouraging volunteerism, which is the exact behavior you’d expect from keyboard warriors.