Who doesn’t love an old photo of a classic trolley? Car #8360, likely housed at the Brown Place Depot, was heading down Grand Avenue toward Kent Ave in Williamsburg. Businesses on the north side of the street included Maspeth Mattresses, a luncheonette, Irmac Paints, and D. Dombrowski Liquor Store. Crossing over to the south side, we see the stately trees just inside Mount Olivet Cemetery. The first business located next to it is Mount Olivet Florist. Next to that was a tax preparer. The storefront at the corner of 64th Street was about to become an appliance store. Crossing the street, we come to Horn’s Dairy and Jack’s Fruits & Vegetables. Belgian block is found between the trolley tracks, trolley wires crisscross overhead and the sidewalks are dotted with original bishop’s crook lampposts. At least 3 Coca-Cola ads are noticeable in the photo. The cars lining the street today are classics and include a Woodie station wagon.

Today, the Q59 bus line follows in the trolley’s path on its way to Williamsburg. The Belgian block has been paved over and the trolley wires are gone. Retro-style lampposts line Grand Avenue. The fizzy drink is now called Coke and it has a lot of competition. The businesses lining the thoroughfare have changed over many times. Currently on the north side you’ll find On the Road Again Children’s Consignment Store and Vona Law Firm and Tax Consultants. On the opposite side, the old flower shop is now Enchanted Florist. Heading west, the businesses consist of medical and dental offices. State Farm and All State compete on opposite corners and then there’s Megiel Funeral Home. SUVs appear to be the most popular cars on the road today and are considered to be the modern station wagon. Although businesses have come and gone over the years, Grand Avenue is still a great place to shop and get things done.