I live on Goldington Court. It's a small street in Middle Village. The street has only 10 houses on each side. It starts from 84th Place and heads to Woodhaven Blvd. To leave the block, you must turn right since the block doesn't cross the boulevard. 

You have to cross the first lane, which is for parking, the next lane which is the bus lane (SBS) then turn right from Goldington Court onto the third lane and head south to leave the block. To go back into Middle Village, you'll have to go about 2 house lengths (200 feet) and turn onto Furmanville Ave. We were told by the DOT (Department of Transportation) that we could make a right into the bus lane to get on Furmanville Ave. However, a camera was put on the corner of my block, by the blvd. It wasn't placed correctly, and it shows drivers in the bus lane from anywhere-including my street. What's DUMBER than a backwards camera?! As a result, my grandpa turned in 38 “courtesy warning” tickets to Councilman Holden's office from us and the neighbors for making a right turn from Goldington. The warning tickets said they would soon turn into fines and go from $115.00 to $150.00!

If you can't turn into the bus lane, you'd have to go into the MIDDLE of Woodhaven Blvd just to make a right turn. Obviously, this is very dangerous, and can even cause a car crash. My daddy, grandma and grandpa drive up and down there every single day. How would I get to school without getting my dad a $115.00 fine?!

Goldington Court neighbors spoke with the Times Newsweekly and Council Member Holden contacted DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg about this problem and shortly after DOT finally put an end to this DUMB problem on Superbowl weekend by taking the camera down! – Ed.