Greetings to all the members of the Juniper Park Civic Association. We want to wish everyone a Happy New Year as we make our way through 2023. We would like to take this time to share some information on what has been going on here in the 104th Precinct.

In 2022, the 104th Precinct experienced an index crime increase of 21.1%. Currently, in 2023, our index crimes show an increase of 4.6% (date ending 2/12/23). In Maspeth we have seen an increase of 42% and decrease of 5.7% in Middle Village. For the 2022 year the 104th Precinct issued over 11,000 summonses in direct response to 311 service requests, higher than every other police precinct in New York City. We will continue to make quality of life concerns a priority in the 104th Precinct. Since November/December 2022, we have also increased our tow truck operations to ensure we are aggressively towing illegal and abandoned vehicle throughout the precinct. This will continue throughout 2023. Please ensure your vehicle is properly registered and parked legally.

We have seen a slight uptick in crime throughout the entire 104th Precinct with majority of these crimes taking place in Ridgewood. However, the men and women of the 104th Precinct are working hard for you, including multiple arrests for robberies and taking firearms off the street. In November, your Neighborhood Coordination Officers for Middle Village, Police Officer Sheehan and Candelaria, rescued five baby Great Danes as a result of a car stop. Our Highway Safety Officer, Police Officer Lamicella, has conducted multiple tow operations resulting in the removal of numerous vehicles violating traffic laws – be sure to move your vehicle every 7 days.

The 104th Precinct continues to see a rise in property crimes. We urge you not to leave any valuables in your vehicle. We remind you not to leave your keys or key fobs in them, as this creates a crime of opportunity for thieves. Several of our auto thefts come from a result of keys being left in the vehicle. Other types of property crimes we see are burglaries of commercial businesses. If you are a business owner, please utilize roll down gates to prevent any type of forced entry into your location. Do not leave large sums of cash in your place of business or the cash register, as this is usually the first place a burglar will look. Always make sure to check your security cameras are in proper working order and angled the correct ways. If you would like a burglary survey completed on your residence or business, please be sure to reach out to the 104th Precinct Community Affairs Office, 718-386-2431 and we will gladly come check out your house or business.

We hope to see you soon as we get ready for the spring and summer season which will entail multiple street events, parades, holiday events and busy parks. We want to thank you for the continued support, as we understand policing and community go hand in hand. We cannot do without the help and support of the community working together to help serve make the 104th Community safe.