Well, here we are having fun in the summer sun once again. I love this time of year. And one of the things that I always look forward to is JPCA’s Summer Concert Series on Tuesday nights at Juniper Valley Park throughout July and into the beginning of August. Our 2nd VP, Gary Colter, who doubles as our musical director, has put together another great lineup. So come join us under the stars. We also are currently dealing with several important issues affecting our community – the effects of bail reform, the MTA bus network redesign, DOT bikeshare program expansion and our upcoming elections. In this edition of the Juniper Berry, we hope to thoroughly educate our readers on these topics. It is important to stay alert and stay informed. Scheduling issues forced our final meeting before summer break to fall on the last day of June. This affords us the opportunity to address at the meeting any noise issues as we approach Independence Day. I’ll see you at the meeting, at the concerts and around town. Have a great summer.