In early April, it was revealed that since its opening in 2020, the Glendale homeless shelter, aka The Cooper Rapid Rehousing Center, had been the location of 808 emergency calls. Most of the calls were for medical assistance, with criminal calls resulting in a total of 71 arrests. There are more than 180 residents at the shelter, none of whom are from Community Board 5, with most actually coming from outside the borough. And the shelter’s impact on the community has also been felt, with many crimes by its residents having been reported outside the shelter. On May 6th, a man trespassed in a residential yard on 70th Street in Middle Village. He wandered around for a short while before leaving. The timestamp on the security camera video was 3:45am. The homeowner posted the footage online and Council Member Holden sent it to shelter management. They recognized the perp as one of their residents and he was transferred out. The bottom line is we shouldn’t have to be subjected to this.