Remember those election maps we printed in the last Juniper Berry? Well, please disregard the congressional and state senate maps. Although the Board of Elections proceeded with those maps despite a pending lawsuit challenge, the ruling didn’t go as they had expected. A judge found that the state’s Democrats violated the law by gerrymandering the state and congressional lines to favor themselves over Republicans. Dems appealed twice and the ruling was upheld twice. The lines were ordered to be redrawn by a court appointed special master. The June primaries for congress and state senate have now been postponed until August 23rd. Although the court found that there was also gerrymandering of the assembly district lines, they weren’t challenged in time, so those maps are still in effect, with the primary for assembly remaining June 28th. All of this amounted to a waste of time and resources for the candidates and throws the entire process into turmoil. It was all avoidable – and that’s what makes it dumb. To see which districts you are in now, visit: