L. Hoppey, 42 years of age, a resident of 142 Tillary street, Brooklyn, was found acting in a strange manner in Middle Village Tuesday afternoon. He was carrying a big musket and had plenty of ammunition. Constable Repper brought him over to the cells in Newtown village, where Drs. Wickham and Booth examined him and pronounced him insane. Constable Myers watched him all Tuesday night, and he did not prove violent. Yesterday morning his wife called, but he did not know her and could not say where he had been. Constables Repper and Myers, at her request, took him to the insane asylum at Amityville this afternoon, where he will be kept until thoroughly cured. Hoppey had been confined there about 3 years ago, and had been discharged as cured, and had shown no signs of insanity since, until Tuesday.